Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is Ruff.

It's Dusty! Time to tell you how things really work around here.

I belong to Libbie and Weston, who are besties with Mike and Devon. I usually get to join in on the fun, but on St. Patrick's Day I was left at home because the hooligans went out to celebrate:

Look at them. Having fun. Without me.

But boy did I make up for it the next day! Dad brought me over to watch basketball with Uncle Mike. First I helped with some last minute bracket picks:

Then I went one on one with a sock or two--

And faced my arch nemesis....the rawhide bone.

Mom and Dad embarrass me all the time in public with their PDA:

But I love it when Dad saves a little snuggle time for me:

In short--life is good, but being this cute is exhausting!


  1. This is Lilo on mom's computer. I'm jealous, Aunt Devon. But hey, Dusty's hott. Don't tell Rudy I said so.


  2. Lilo needs to come stay for a visit!


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