Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice to meet you.

Thank Mike for that post title.

The weather outside is getting warmer and it's making me dream of the summer. Today at work Kristen and I were talking about this ice cream stand that just opened for the season in our neighborhood, and all day long I couldn't get the thought of it out of my head. I convinced Mike we needed to check it out. Need to get accustomed with the 'hood right?


I didn't actually take any pictures because when we pulled up to the storefront the employee spotted me with the camera and cocked his head awkwardly. Camera away.

The shop offers Italian ice and custard. And sundaes. And cookie sandwiches. And waffles stuffed with custard. And nachos. Let's not forget the nachos.

Mike ordered the creme brulee custard, single scoop. I went with the extreme peanut butter explosion....two scoops. And yes, I need to be in a wedding dress in a month.

We ate our treats on the bench outside and just watched the people walk by--it was a great little break in the night and so nice to be outside in the fresh air. One scoop was definitely enough though!

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