Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paint Me Blue

I've been told that I make fun of Mike a lot on this blog (coincidentally, it's Mike that tells me this) but it's time to give him some credit. Dude has been a painting machine for the past two weeks, and I'm reaping all the benefits.

Quick recap: we have our apartment until the middle of November, so we wanted to take our time painting and cleaning before we moved into the house. It's easy to say that; it's another thing entirely to actually do. We are itching to get into the house, and I can't take anymore days off work to clean.

Plan B is to paint and clean the entire first floor of the house before we move in, and we'll deal with the second floor later.

Side note: it's crazy to think about having 'a second floor.' Apartment life has ruined us.

Anyway, back to the painting machine. For the past week or so, Mike has been in the routine of getting off of work, buying paint, and working at the house for the day. It's unbelievable.

Remember "The Green Monster?"

In our deep cleaning of the kitchen we found the color swatch of this lovely shade and it's called "Grave Moss." If that isn't an accurate description, I don't know what is!

This color wasn't gonna cut it, so my little Bob Villa got to work, recruiting some fireman friends to help him paint. I stocked the fridge with beer and this is what our kitchen now looks like:

Isn't it dreamy? The color is 'Cloud Blue' which I think has a much nicer ring to it.

I was a little concerned when we test sampled it because we picked the color off of the Glidden paint chart but had it converted to Behr paint so we could use the paint and primer in one and it looked very white. But after two coats it really turned out perfectly! It makes the whole kitchen feel so airy, and with the skylights and windows all the natural light brings out different shades of the blue.

The bedroom and ceilings were also painted, but nothing was as dramatic as this. Now all we need is to start moving our furniture over....any takers?


  1. I like this a lot. What are you going to do to that behemoth of a wall? Any cool artwork or other ideas?

    Mike and I painted the hallway on Sunday night. It is not the pale slate color I was going for. It's more lil baby boy's nursery blue. Not sure how that will work out ... my guess is it may have to be repainted. *sigh*. But at least its not a big wall like yours! :)

    Good job, Mike!!

  2. I haven't thought about what to do with the wall yet. We never saw the house decorated, but I'm sure I could some fun kitchen-related artwork. I still have my eye on that cupcake print!

    You could always leave your wall blue and just have a baby boy; just a thought. Mwa ha ha...


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