Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glass Act

If you know anything about Mike, it's that he's a die-hard Red Sox fan. He's been one since way before the other band-wagon fans climbed aboard. not a Red Sox Fan. If I'm cheering for a baseball team, it's going to be the Yankees.

When Mike and I first started dating in 2004, it was during the ALCS when the Red Sox played the Yankees (I refer you back to this little gem). I kept my cheering/whimpering under wraps--because I'm not an idiot--and let him have his moment in the sun. Oh and yes, Mike did wear knee-high red socks every day for nearly a month straight. And yes, we are getting married. Go figure.

Over the years we've learned to accept our differing points of views and respect each other when watching each others teams play.

Or not.

There are still heated arguments about how much Mike hates Alex Rodriguez, or how stupid I think Mike Lowell looks. It's senseless, but luckily we can laugh it off (usually).

Last weekend Mike's sister Lauren was in town and she brought us a housewarming gift:

Awesome? YES.

Although, one of us still gets to drink out of her glass this postseason. Oh snap. I went there.

Either way, come October both of us are going to be drinking heavily out of these glasses.

1 comment:

  1. was Michael drinking straight whiskey out of his on Sunday? ;)


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