Saturday, September 12, 2009

The half hour of the day when our relationship doesn't exsist

If anyone knows Devon, she is a competitor. She loves to win and is not scared to tell me how badly I got beat. There is a half hour of everyday where she won't even speak to me because we are in such competition. That half hour is hosted by Mr. Alex Trebek. I don't know how it got started, but we made watching jeoparty a daily ritual. I know what you are thinking but we are not in our 80's yet. Dinner is usually made and eaten during the "Wheel" as I mentally prepare for the mental and sometimes physical challenge (Devon has been known to slap me for knowing an answer) that is jeoparty.

You can see the seriousness on her face as the categories are shown. "Game Over" she yells when a category she thinks she will excel at comes up. There is always one or two in there about pop culture, grammar or Molly Ringwald movies that frankly I know nothing about. She usually goes on to get a few from those. Finally we on to politics or history, you know, something that matters. Alex asks "They invaded Spain in the 8th century"...I respond with who are the "Moors". Instantly I get a shocked look from across the couch. "How do you know that!?" (Thank you Seinfield).

Its bound to happen at least once a game. I get accused of seeing this episode before, even though the TV guide says "New" next to the show, Devon is convinced its a misprint. She can't believe that I know such random facts, but I'm a big nerd and watch the history channel alot. And before we know it the game comes to final jeoparty. I am sure that I have an insurmountable lead, but then another funny thing happens. Devon always seems to have 1 more point than I do. Funny how often it happens and it always seems to happen when I give my score first.... Weird. The final jeoparty catergory comes up as something she knows and proceeds to dance around saying "You lose. You lose."

Such a nice winner.

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