Monday, October 15, 2012

Where in the World?

We have been so busy lately!!

It seems like every free moment Mike and I have is filled with activities.

Taking Brooksy to the park is a favorite Sunday morning routine

3 weeks ago we headed to Scranton for a family wedding (Mike's hair is sooooo long!)

2 weeks ago we hit up 'Hogtoberfest' with Dawn and Matt!

The day was filled with beer, bands and barbeque

And I finally saw the famous 'River City View'

Our city is so awesome.

The next day we hosted 'Practice Thanksgiving'-- my parents are visiting for Thanksgiving this year and Mike insisted on a trial run.

Everything tasted delish! Judging by all our friends' praises, real Thanksgiving is bound to be a success!

Last weekend we were in NOVA for the wedding of Bryan, Mike's high school friend. Time in NOVA meant time with Mike's family and little Ms. A!

Brooksy kept himself busy

While we partied it up!

On Sunday all the boys went golfing and the ladies went to the park with Abigail. She LOVED me this visit! Everything was "Aunt Devon look at me!" Made my heart melt every time!

We met the fellas for lunch to celebrate the Possanza men's win, and headed back to RVA

The end of the year is jam-packed!

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