Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rolling in retrievers

This week we're in charge of two fur babies!

Brooksy's friend Dusty is spending a few days with us while his mom and dad sneak away for vacation.

Dusty and Brooksy are secretly best friends; they just show their love for one another by wrestling for hours on end. Libbie and Weston have dog-sat for us a few times (I just wrote baby-sat and it didn't feel right….) and they just spent an entire week at the beach together. 

You'd think they'd be used to one another by now.

Not really! Every day is a blank slate as they 'say hello' to one another.

This is sure to throw my routine for a loop as I try to manage two puppies!

On a side note: Brooksy has become super protective of me lately. At the beach he barked at our friend Nate and sat in front of me every time Nate walked in the room, just because he wasn't familiar with him. Last night Mike went upstairs without Brooksy seeing him, and when Mike came back down Brooksy flipped out before realizing who it was.

What can I say: he's a Mama's boy!

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