Saturday, April 7, 2012

twenty four months

Next week we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Nothing significant has changed over the past year. Our weekends are still filled with weddings, trips to visit family and adventures with friends.

Mike still makes me laugh more than anyone I ever have/ever will meet. He makes every day fun!

We added a fur-baby to our little family last year...

...and somehow managed to keep him alive the past 7 months!

Brooksy was definitely a big change for us. As much as we love him, that thing caused a lot of tense arguments and flared tempers between Mike and I!

Discussions over his food, his behavior, discipline. Also, mowing the lawn isn't fun when someone 'forgets' to pick up after the dog......(did you guess I was the guilty one?) But in the end we're better for it--we tackled a huge responsibility, succeeded and have a wonderful pooch!

There are times during the day when I think of Mike and just smile. Does that sound sappy? Too bad. It's true.

It's just easy being married to Mike. When I met him I knew I was done for. He gets me. I get him. It really can be as simple as that.

On several occasions over the past year we've been at an event or out with friends and someone will stop us to say how happy we look together. Just last night we were leaving happy hour and a man stopped Mike to tell him how funny our conversations with one another looked and how awesome it was to watch us together. And then he fist-bumped him.

It was weird. But sweet.

We plan to go to La Grotta for our anniversary--site of our rehearsal dinner!

If that's not worthy of a fist bump I don't know what is.

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