Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cinderella rides again

Last night VCU won the CAA tournament. This is important for many reasons:
  1. It guarantees the team a bid into the NCAA tournament. And we all know what happened last year.
  1. When we're in Boston this weekend, watching Selection Sunday will be a joyous event as opposed to hours of nail biting and finger crossing.
  1. Mike and I are still married.

I get a little emotional watching VCU basketball. I call it passion for the sport. Mike thinks I’m psychotic.

He doesn’t get why I agonize over every missed free throw or ill-timed foul. When we were in school he very rarely sat by me at games.

Over the course of 8 years we’ve never watched a championship game together--last night was the first time. I tried to keep cool—Mike shot me a few sideways glances when I would huff at the screen—but towards the end I was unraveling. The game got way too close for comfort.


I wasn’t the one standing in the middle of the living room, clenching my fists and yelling “YOU GOTTA SINK THAT” at the TV.

While I didn’t get any pictures I can assure you the Possanza household was a nervous wreck for the better part of 2 hours last night. Mike jumping around the living room, me on the couch with my VCU hoodie pulled over my eyes and poor Brooksy just begging to sleep.

Get your dancin' shoes shined!

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