Saturday, February 4, 2012

Please feed me

A few months ago I went to the dentist after 4 years for the first time in a while and was told I needed 4 crowns and 4 root canals. I told him we'd start with one. Afterwards something felt off and I went back to get it adjusted several times. But nothing fixed it.

A week ago I was in pain. The dentist took one look, scratched his head and said "This isn't right." I was then referred to another dentist, whom I met with on Monday. Long story short I was basically told I needed the crown removed and the root canal redone. WHAT.

2 days later I endured another miserable appointment to be told the tooth had split and I needed to have it extracted immediately. But could she do it? Of course not. I had to go back to my original dentist.

What happened next was a complete blur. Hopped up on novocaine I drove back to the dentist who had me in a chair and signing consent forms within seconds. I was still unclear about what was going on until I saw the pliers come out and the stitches going in. I had my wisdom teeth pulled years ago but it was nothing compared to this! Terrifying. NEVER AGAIN.

Back to the pity party. I was a MESS Wednesday night. I consider myself a pretty tough chick but I could not get it together!

The past few days have been terrible. I love to eat and it's nearly impossible. I hate soft foods and that's all I can manage right now. You would think eating ice cream all day would be a dream but it makes me feel like garbage!

I tried to make myself dinner on Thursday and wound up crying into my stir fry.

Things I want to eat:
--Crusty bread

These AMAZING cookie bars my aunt sent me the recipe for

Things I am currently able to eat:
--Cold oatmeal
--The potato soup Mike made FROM SCRATCH last night
--This unappetizing combo

At least I have my little buddy to keep me company during sad visits to the fridge

PS--never got an explanation as to what went wrong but you can bet I blame it entirely on that dentist and will never return to their office!


  1. please tell me who it is! so I don't ever, ever, ever visit that office! hope you're feeling a bit better and are able to eat like a normal person again soon :)

  2. Baxter Perkinson in short pump!!


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