Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A while back I was talking to Mike’s mom and she referred to us as ‘DINKS’---meaning ‘double income, no kids.’ That term is just genuis. We’re blessed to both have jobs and without any kids, we have some disposable income to play around with.

Our biggest splurge is, without a doubt, on food. We hit up happy hour every week but we rarely go out to dinner! Why would I pay someone else to cook me a sub-par meal when I have a husband who wants to make gourmet meals every night? Exactly.

We both love trying new foods and weird ingredients and live way too close to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to resist popping in weekly. Right now Mike is obsessed with leeks - he has no idea what to cook with them or even how to cook them. They’re his Mt. Everest so any suggestions would help!

When we were in Nova for Thanksgiving Lauren had a beer called Belhaven Irish Stout and we all loved it. I called stores in Richmond and Manassas and no one carried it. I kept dreaming about that beer until Mike went on a crazy beer hunt yesterday and six stores later finally found it!

I built that beer up so much that when I took the first sip I was sadly disappointed. While still delicious, it tasted way more like apple juice than I remembered, not that chocolate/coffee flavor I had been craving.

Another coveted item was Trader Joe’s seasonal Speculoos cookie butter.

It’s basically gingerbread peanut butter. Yeah. I know. I read so many good things about that stuff and it was sold out for weeks. When I finally got my hands on it? Not so great. Sure, it tastes good, but the anticipation killed it for me!

Lesson learned – don’t believe the hype!

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