Friday, November 4, 2011

Double dare

Yesterday I know I think I went a little crazy.

For real, I don’t know how Mike puts up with me. I make big decisions without much thought and rarely think an idea through. I can’t imagine how many tattoos I would have if I got one every time I had the itch or how many dogs we would own if Mike let me near the adoption stands at Petsmart. It’s gotten to the point that when we talk about dinner plans or what movie to watch, Mike just waits for me to spit out 5 or 6 ideas before he gives his opinion.

My husband is the complete opposite. Like total other side of the planet. Things get planned, reviewed and planned again before he agrees. The number in our bank account actually matters to him (I don’t think about silly things like retirement before proclaiming that we should plan a trip to Hawaii or heck, why not just move there?) His only real vice is buying an occasional lotto ticket once the Powerball hits triple digits.

So back to me being crazy. Yesterday I decided I wanted to run a marathon.


I really enjoy running. Sometimes when I exercise I don’t want to spend 30-45 minutes watching a repetitive DVD (sorry Jillian!) Getting stuck in a fitness rut is usually when I end up quitting altogether and dive into a gallon of ice cream.

But running is great; I can go at my own pace and for any length of time. Not having structure works for me! And when I'm done I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

But now it’s time to start pushing myself. Mike’s sister Lauren suggested that I run the Turkey Trot with her on Thanksgiving this year and I actually signed up. Sure, 3 miles isn’t much but I’m excited about the race! My sister-in-law Erinn is running a half- marathon in Disneyworld next year and Lauren ran the Marine Corps Marathon a few years back! I am in awe; I want to reach a milestone like that. I want to have the bragging rights.

I have my eyes set on a half-marathon in June of next year. Erinn is sending me a training schedule. Now all I have to do is sign up for it.

And maybe eventually get this tattoo?


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