Sunday, October 16, 2011

B and Li

This weekend I went home for Oktoberfest. There wasn't a festival or anything; my brother and sister-in-law were going to be in town so my mom decided we needed to throw a theme dinner. Totally normal.

Mike was out of town so I made the trip solo, which was Brooksy's first road trip. Traveling with a dog is just like packing for another human - so much stuff! I was nervous but he settled right into his seat and slept the whole ride.

He soon met the rest of his new family including his cousin Lilo. I was really anxious about him with another dog but after some initial cowering and whining the two hit it off and were buddies all weekend.

Some of us spent most of the day sleeping

Brooksy got an awesome new travel/toy bag from Aunt Erinn!

The kids took Grandma Teddy out to lunch

 And came home to commence the German cooking!

It was a delicious feast shared with many good friends.


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