Sunday, September 4, 2011

If you can hold on, Hold on.

A few weeks ago I decided to take up running. The idiot that I am, I put on some old, cheap tennis shoes and just started running.

For days after that I waddled around like an old lady because I had pulled my hamstrings so badly I couldn't walk.

When I could finally move again I did a little research, invested in some good running shoes, STRETCHED and tried again.

I found a good loop in our neighborhood and ran for what felt forever. Turns out it was just about 1.5 miles. While that's nothing to be ashamed of I was wheezing pretty hard. Despite exercising pretty regularly I was not in runner's shape.

Per all the advice I read I gradually increased the length I ran, hitting 2, 2.5 and my high of 3.2 miles. I was pretty proud of myself considering I choose to run in the morning before work, which means being up and out the door by 5 am. Not easy.

Friday I was off from work and decided to really push myself. I had mapped out a 4 mile route and I was going for it. It was cold and sunny out and I had no time restraints. Perfect!

Did I mention the route I mapped starts and ends uphill? Oy.

But... I DID IT!

It was tough but surprisingly not as bad as I thought. My Ipod was rocking and I felt good! The best songs came on as I trudged up the tough hills - if you're wondering it was JT's 'Sexy Back' and The Killers 'All These Things That I Have Done.' I wish I could run at that time of day everyday!

I also figured out how to carry my house key. Genius.

Had to proudly snap this disgusting post-run photo of myself:

It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!!


  1. you've caught the bug! Maybe you'll want to do the 5k Turkey Trot this year at Thanksgiving!

  2. how far is that....? I could certainly try if they allow slow runners!


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