Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How we met Lil' Man

I hope you all have had enough time to swoon over our fur baby. I know I can't stop looking at the pictures!!

Some of you seem surprised that we got a dog since I didn't talk about it. I've wanted a dog for years but Mike has always been the sensible one and made me realize we weren't ready for the responsibility. We have also been way too busy to commit time to being at home and training a puppy. So Mike told me we agreed that after our beach trip would be the best time for us to start looking.

We had decided on a lab, leaning towards a black lab (my fave breed!!) when I opened Facebook the Monday after Michelle's wedding  and saw this picture.

That's my friend Carrie, with newborn black lab puppies.

I hounded her at work the next day for details: they were purebred, less than a week old and absolutely cuddle-licious. And the asking price was very reasonable!

I sent Mike the info and color me shocked when he was said he was interested and wanted to see them in person! I knew I had him hooked because there is no way he would make me go see puppies and then say no! Torturous!

So on Monday we went to the owner's home (who happens to be Carrie's sister!) to check out the litter. Oh my heavens they were all so cute! Carrie's sister and brother-in law were so nice to us and answered all our questions and you could tell they really cared for the pups. I was getting excited.

The puppies were so little they couldn't do much more than squirm around--some hadn't even opened their eyes yet! So I took everyone's advice and waited for one to give us a sign. I was petting them all when one licked me. I whispered this to Mike, who kept an eye on him and picked him up a few minutes later. He licked Mike too! I was in love.

As is our process, Mike and I hadn't discussed what we were going to do once we saw the puppies. Do we go home and talk about it? Do we ask them to hold one for a few hours? I think Mike can read my mind because I batted my eyes and asked what he wanted to do and he said "Let's go for it!"

As we were walking out Mike told me he was sold the minute he walked in the door because the momma dog was beautiful, had such a good temperament and was very friendly. He then nicknamed our pup "Lil' Man" and we both grinned the whole car ride home.

So our little furball is waiting for us to pick him up around September 26. I forget how tiny and young he is and that he needs to grow and get strong! In the meantime we are researching furiously and making lists of supplies.

Can't wait!!

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