Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Fun and the 4th!

This past weekend Mike had a rare 5 days off so we jumped at the opportunity to head to NOVA to see Lauren and Chris and sweet Abigail!

We left Friday afternoon and thankfully hit none of this traffic - 

We all met up at Rio for dinner and I could not get over how big Ms. A has gotten!!

We cannot go that many months without seeing her again. She has changed so much!

Bubble blower!


Saturday the boys went golfing while the girls explored Occoquan in all its weirdness.

The town cat!

We came home, found some whipped cream vodka and orange soda. Hello delicious!

Uncle Trey spent some time playing with Abigail

And Ms. A found her first beer bottle. Of course I had to take a picture; it's a milestone!

After a delicious spaghetti dinner (thanks for the sauce Mimi!) we all headed to bed to gear up for a pool day!

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