Friday, July 22, 2011

Epic Vacay......Yuuuuupppp!!!

I am sad to say our beach vacation has come to an end!

Things I learned this week:

1) I didn't need to bring a hairdryer, jeans or makeup. None of those items were even unpacked!

2) We go through a lot of beer.

3) Maybe next time pack an icebag or something for eye related injuries?! Still rocking the black eye!

We spent most of today just hanging in the house--so very hot out! We feasted on leftovers and just hung out getting the last hours of relaxation in.

We all also made one last trip down to the beach at sunset to snap some photos

And let Dusty run around in the water!

Nate has a much better camera and hopefully will send his pictures along so I can share them :)

This vacation was awesome. Totally completely awesome. I can't explain how great is was to spend an entire week with people I love and just relax. We're already planning our trip for next year!

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