Monday, April 18, 2011

"I Fondue!"

(Thank Mike for this post's title.)

Anniversaries are pretty awesome. Not only do you get to celebrate one of the best days of your life with the person you love most but you get lots of presents and well-wishes from everyone else.

I have said it 1,000 times before but it's absolutely worth repeating: we have the best friends and family. Earlier this week we started getting lots of cards, which is so sweet because why should anyone else care about our anniversary? Yesterday we received this gorgeous rose bush (I think they're roses?) from Mike's parents:

Definitely need to find a home in our new garden for this!

Yesterday Mike got home from work bright and early and we made breakfast. We had a frittata and fruit salad on our wedding china and orange juice out of our Disneyworld flutes.

Then we exchanged presents. I was so very excited about what I got Mike. I really stuck with the paper theme and sent him on a scavenger hunt to find his presents:

I got him tickets to the Flying Squirrels since we've yet to go to a game and made him this:

The text consists of all of the inside jokes, special moments and significant dates in our relationship, from our first date up until our first anniversary. I had been working on it for a few months and couldn't wait for him to see it. Mike was very touched and we laughed about it for a few minutes, and then he gave me my gifts.

I've already spoken about how good of a gift-giver my husband is but I really thought I had him beat this time. Couldn't be more wrong. For starters he got me a wine cube which he meant as a joke but was still very appreciated. And then I opened this:

The pictures don't do this justice so let me explain. That is our favorite wedding picture, made up entirely of pictures of the two of us throughout the course of our relationship. Those hundreds of little squares are actually little pictures:

I was in shock. So sweet and so thoughtful! It's also funny that we got each other a gift with the same basic concept.

After that we hung around the house and watched 'Despicable Me' and the Capitals playoff game and ate cupcakes from Frostings. We didn't have any saved from our actual reception but luckily the store is only a few minutes from our house!

We also drank our anniversary wine, which was the final bottle gifted to me at my bachelorette party. It was delicious (even at 10:00 in the morning) and was a special edition made up of two types of grapes blended together. How fitting!

 For dinner we headed to the Melting Pot.

Thank goodness we can entertain one another because it was a 3 hour meal! Totally delicious though. Didn't suck at all:

It was wonderful just being able to spend the entire day together. Such a great way to celebrate our first year as Mr. and Mrs!


  1. Yay!

    Did you make the gift you gave him? B/c I've been talking about doing something similar for two years for "M" "E" and "C" but never motivated myself to figure it out. Any tips for this DIY loser?

  2. It was really easy. I did it in Word and justified the text--I think that's it!


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