Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marketplace Madness

Every year in November my work hosts a "Holiday Marketplace" where local vendors come for a day to sell their merchandise. There are upwards of 50 businesses present, selling everything from jewelry to crafts to clothes.

I work with a bunch of ladies so this day is heaven to us. When Christmas time rolls around and we start talking about gift ideas, someone always blurts out "Don't forget about Marketplace!" I admit that I rely a bit too heavily on the event for presents and usually wait until it's over to really start my shopping. But you never know what you're going to find! Last year I bought all of my bridesmaids earrings from one jewelry vendor. Hello convenience!

This year I had a plan. I had a general feel for what vendors were going to be there and I put myself on a 'budget'....let's use that term loosely. We visited each stand before purchasing to avoid impulse buys. I came back from the initial lap and made a list of what I wanted. I was ready.

Some of the purchases are gifts for people who might be reading this, so I can't share many photos. But Santa bought me a few presents:

Like this beauty!

I saw this and gasped but I didn't buy it right away. I waited and stewed on whether or not I really needed it. When I went back and it was still there, my stomach did a little flip because I was happy no one beat me to it. That's love. It was the priciest item I bought that day but it was still a steal, especially considering it came with matching earrings!

I snagged another neck adornment at another stand. I am obsessed, I know. But for $5 am I really going to turn this down?

If you look closely, the beads have a paisley design to them. Delicious.

Mike always scorches me for not getting into the Christmas spirit and for not having as many decorations as I do for Halloween. I don't really care for Christmas decorations, but this little guy was too cute to pass up!

Basically I made out like a bandit at Marketplace. Now time to shop for everyone else!

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