Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You Ain't Gettin' None A' This Caaaannndddyyy"

Ohhhh Boston. You are an evil, evil temptress.

Mike and I left very early Friday morning to visit our friends Kyle and Emily for the weekend. Oh yes, the same Kyle and Emily who had the epic wedding in June. Jet Blue is an awesome airline! Did you know they have TV's in the seats? An hour of Saved by the Bell reruns later and we were back in sweet Boston.

Weston was along for the trip but had arrived earlier in the week--after picking us up at the airport the four of us went for breakfast at a nearby diner. Once we met our waitress I knew the weekend was going to be something else. She was in her 60's, Greek and totally crushin' on all the boys. I tried to order a screwdriver and she just shook her head "No" (everything was a little delayed with her). Turns out you can't order alcohol before 11 am, but she came back a few minutes later and randomly asked Kyle if I should be allowed to have a screwdriver. It was odd. I got an extra egg with my breakfast..."just because." She told us the oddest stories, said we were a happy bunch and then patted my hair and rubbed my face goodbye. Needless to say, she got a big tip!

We had Red Sox tickets for later that night, so we headed downtown to grab some drinks and meet Emily once she got off work. I was really excited to see Fenway because it's such a legendary ballpark and that city really loves their team, so the atmosphere is intense --

Mike taking it all in

The scene on the streets

The boys under the stadium

The view

The ballpark was beautiful - the game was not. Apparently I am a jinx because the Sox lost 16-2, but that didn't stop the crowd from entertaining themselves. We saw 3 separate fights break out (intense!!) and made friends with the people in front of us, who were also from Richmond. Small world! We tried to hang in for the long run but left around the 8th inning and headed home to refuel for the next day.

Did I mention Emily and Kyle live by the beach? Little more jealous of them, aren't you?

Em had to run some errands during the day, so the boys and I headed to the shore for some fun in the sun. When we all get together, we tend to be the loudest/most annoying people get sociable, so the other beach-goers were in for a treat when we showed up with cooler and games in hand. Like the older ladies who were trying to read, and the two people we spotted sunbathing in the nude. YES. We saw you.

Tossing the ball around

Kyle introduced us to a game called Washers which is very similar to Cornhole. I soon found out I am awesome at Washers. Mike and I won game after game--Team Possanza!

I was playing the guitar on my leg. Got a little cocky towards the end.

Intense competition

My favorite moment was when one of the older ladies sauntered over to us--we figured we were in for some scolding, but all she wanted was to warn us to cover up our cooler because she "had been f'ing busted for the same thing a couple times." God, I love Boston.

We all washed up and ate a delicious dinner prepared by our hosts. I was scouring Emily's closet for something to wear when I heard some commotion and walked in on this:

They were having a dance party. Gotta prepare for the night!

.....because we were headed to the most awesome piano bar ever. You know we love a good piano bar, and this place did not disappoint! It was enormous, filled with people and headed by a full band--that is how you do it!

We got down, big time. I was a little surprised at the lack of crowd participation considering how awesome the band was, but that didn't stop us! Lots of fist-pumping and off-key singing from these kids.

I did realize that if I ever lived in Boston, I would get into a lot of fights. Some people there are just not nice! Like when people tried to take over our table and Emily had to get all fired up and fend them off. Or when the cabbie tried to hustle us and Emily had to get all fired up and set him straight. She's feisty.

It was a late night and our flight today was so early but it was totally worth it. Weekends like this make you realize what life is all about :)


  1. You forgot to mention the score of the game

  2. I don't believe I did, sir. Look again.

  3. I miss you Possanza's already! What an awesome weekend. Next summer vacation 2011!

  4. I can't wait! Wine and sun here we come!


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