Thursday, July 15, 2010

Over the Hill

There's no turning back; I am officially in my late 20's.

I couldn't help but laugh as I woke up in our wonderful house this morning, thinking that this time last year I was in my crap-tacular apartment, whining because someone had stolen the birthday present from my future sister-in law from my front door.

Mike had to work today so he threw me a mini-party last night, complete with homemade dinner and drinks. There was even a cupcake from Frostings--for those of you who attended the wedding, they made the cupcakes and we all know how delicious they were.

That boy sure knows the way to my heart.

For some reason I never take my birthday off, but the girls at work always manage to make the day feel special. Sitting on my desk when I arrived was another Frostings cupcake (I really love cupcakes...) and this hilarious homemade card:

It made my day :)

I came home to find tons of cards in my mailbox from my family, both new and old. I got my first 'daughter-in-law' card which made me teary. My favorite card had to be the one from my brother and Erinn--who both know I don't care for clowns-- so of course this was what I opened from them:

Tomorrow Mike is taking me out to Sticky Rice, where much of this will be consumed--

And maybe a few G&T's with these kids?

Mike said I get a week-long celebration, and I can't argue with that. 26 is turning out to be a pretty good age.

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