Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bag Lady

We're in the midst of cleaning out one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. When we first moved in, we decided to focus on the first floor and just store excess boxes in the spare rooms. Today I decided to start weeding through everything and this is what I was faced with:

It was enough to make me want to turn around and run to the safety of the first floor, but I stayed strong.

I tease Mike about his tendency to save things (I may call him a 'hoarder') but he's really just sentimental and doesn't like throwing things away that mean something to him. I am the complete opposite--I hate having a bunch of stuff in the house and throw everything away.

But I'm hiding a dark secret; do you see that wooden chest behind the vacuum? It's hiding my guilty pleasure:

I'm addicted to purses.

It's sick. I have way too many. What's funny is I use the same tote for work everyday, and maybe one or two different clutches when I go out. Yet I can't bring myself to stop buying them or throw them away! But today I was going to put an end to the madness.

For starters, that chest is chipped and doesn't match anything in the house. I was using it when I lived alone and needed somewhere to store the purses. That needed to go. We have an ottoman with a storage base, so I decided to move them over there - -

Next I laid all of my beloved bags out on the floor and matched them up - black, brown, white, totes, clutches. My plan was to keep one of each color and to toss the rest; this was not an easy task! My inner hoarder came out as I rationalized keeping each of them:

"But I took this one out on my 21st birthday!"

"Maybe I'll need this for a fancy wedding!"

"The colors on this are so pretty!"

Eventually, I whittled them down to these select few:

It was excruciating, but it was for the best. No one needs 7 black purses. Or 4 tote bags with witty sayings on them. Or a clutch with a yellow sequined shoe on it.

What's funny is after all the money I've spent on these bags, the ones that I decided to keep were all really cheap or were gifts from other people.

Actually, that's not funny at all.

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