Sunday, May 2, 2010

Z Honeymoon: Day 2

We decided to take day two of the honeymoon easy and get a feel for our surroundings by lounging around the resort. We did check in with the front desk and a more knowledgeable representative who informed us that we were, in fact, all inclusive and we could eat and drink to our hearts content. Well then. Game on!

We spent most of the day swimming and tanning and tackling the kiddie toys the resort set-up in the ocean:

This trampoline was not made for a 6'4" 26 year old-man, but that didn't stop Mike!

I was severely confused by this iceberg. It was IMPOSSIBLE to climb but it was supposedly built for children. We raced to see who could climb it first; I won, which I rubbed in Mike's face until I realized I had to get down. Terror set in while I perched on top of the way-too-high-for-a-child-toy. And then Mike dared me--I already told you I don't back down from a challenge! Mike eventually made it up the iceberg but second place is first loser!

Later that night there was a welcome reception for all the new guests. As we are sipping on champagne, Meguel (yes, that guy) comes up and asks if we got settled in. We politely nod, and then he starts trying to sell us a timeshare!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME MEGUEL? I am usually pretty polite to salesmen, but this was our honeymoon, and he was an idiot. I shut him down quickly. Mike even told me he couldn't believe how short I was with him. I think he got the hint because he avoided us the rest of the week.

There was a band playing at the reception. It was so cool to sit there and watch them and soak in all the culture of St. Lucia:

Later in the night we watched limbo dancers/fire eaters. It was one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed:

They ate fire, limbo-ed, ate fire while they limbo-ed...crazy. We were sitting pretty close so of course we got dragged into the show. I made it under the bar once before I hit my face. This 7 foot guy made it under the lowest setting:

Mike volunteered to eat fire; he just can't stay away from it!

It was a great day where we could soak up a lot of sun and culture, but we were ready for an adventure the next day!

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