Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"The Rice"

It's time to talk about Sticky Rice.

I've mentioned it before, but as a recap: Sticky Rice is the sushi restaurant where Mike and I had our first date. I think we both realized we had something real going for us when neither of us wanted to go to a chain restaurant for our first meal together.

Think about a typical sushi restaurant, and then reverse it. That's Sticky Rice. It is quite the college hipster hangout. It's tiny and packed by 5:00 pm. PBRs flow for $1. Everyone has tattoos. And the sushi is cheap. Basically, heaven.

I decided long ago that Sticky Rice is one of the places that makes me really happy. I know it sounds stupid, but it holds so many good memories for me. If one of us has had a bad day, we go there to cheer the other up. Need a cool place to take an out of town friend or family member? Bingo. Craving a smoked salmon and goat cheese roll? Let's go.

Since moving, we're now 20 minutes away from the restaurant. It makes every trip feels like a treat! Tonight we headed to "The Rice."

Side note: we can NEVER find the damn place. We have been there like 79 times, and we're always turning down the street going.... "This is it, right?"

No need for a menu; hand us the sushi sheet:

Mike always gets the creepiest crawlers. Octopus. Sea Urchin. Squid. Grosses me out.

I'm slowly working my way back into the seafood world. Sticky Rice offers a lot of vegetarian options, but I have been trying out their fish options. Yum. That is all.

There is always the embarrassing moment when the platters of sushi come out and people stop to stare at what the other tables have gotten. And they realize that the two platters in the waitresses hands are both for our table. alot.

It's like a contest to see who can eat the most, but it's SO GOOD. As is, my record still stands at 25 pieces. Pretty proud.

Next up: bachelorette party. I hear we need a place to eat dinner before we go out.... :)

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  1. Your record is about to be broken in a lil over a week.


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