Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun Time with Funfetti

I do not cook, but I never said I didn't bake. I keep Mike happy with cupcakes. After a day of taking engagement pictures (more on that later) I rewarded him with the first set of cupcakes in the house--funfetti with funfetti icing of course:

Poor Mike was tired from smiling all day:

They were a great success.

Later, Weston and his puppy Dusty came over to watch the VCU vs. Oklahoma game (which we won!!!)

Look at this face. I melt.

It was quite a day.


  1. Yay, VCU! I'm excited to see the engagement pics. At least you didn't decide to take them outside in sub zero weather. I don't know who does that.

  2. Funfetti cupcakes and a Golden - best blog post ever!!!

  3. I thought of you when I posted this Kristen! It's the perfect blog for you.


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