Saturday, September 19, 2009


What an eventful weekend this has already turned out to be.

Mike works a wacky schedule, where he works for 24 hours and then has 2-3 day stretches off. It's very rare that he has weekends off, and that I get to pester him for more than 48 hours at a time. But this weekend he is on a "five day," which basically means he is home from Thursday until Monday. Awesome, right? Awesome, until you realize he runs into burning buildings for a living. I'll take my desk job and 9:00-5:00 schedule, thank you.

Anywho, the craziness all started when I got a text message from my brother around 9:00 pm on Friday night (now, my brother's name is also Mike, so we'll refer to him as M.C. from this point forward to avoid any confusion). M.C. is a writer for a West Virginia paper and covers all of WVU's sports teams, but football is his forte. He usually travels with the team, and on this night he was in Auburn for their game on Saturday.

So M.C. sends a text claiming that he is hanging out in a bar with Jason Lee, who he claims is a "friend of a friend." I am immediately suspicious because:

A) How does M.C. have friends in Auburn? Especially ones who know celebrities?

B) My brother is a notorious liar.

In my infinite genius, I demanded photographic proof. For reference, this is what Jason Lee looks like:

Got it?

This is the "undeniable proof" I received from my brother:

Not even close! In fact, it was complete nonsense. Little known fact; I love me some Jason Lee, and I have for years. Mallrats? Great movie; my copy is worn out from being watched too frequently. So this one isn't being pulled over on me. Nice try.
Saturday started off with the same excitement. Mike was making breakfast (Mexican scrambled eggs = DELICIOUS) as I was recanting the bold faced lies of my brother. A minute later, he dropped a glass plate on the floor, which quickly shattered. He vacuumed it up (at 8:00 am, our neighbors love us) and we talked about the plans for the day.

My co-worker and new neighbor once we move (Hey Kristen!) told me about a farmers's market that pops up in our neighborhood every Saturday, so we decided to go check it out. I brought my camera, but of course left my purse in the car. Brilliant, I know. Lots of goodies and affordable veggies. Right up our alley!

While we were in the neighborhood, I insisted we drive by the new digs. Welcome to our street:

(Yes, we have a cop living across the street from us. We are building quite the little civil service neighborhood.)

As we pulled up, I immediately panicked when I saw that there was still a "For Sale" sign in front of Casa Casazza/Possanza:


Mike had to calm me down and assure me that all of the contracts we had signed were proof enough that we would soon be sipping gin and tonics on this lovely little porch:

As we were leaving, I had to take a picture of this house that's right around the corner from us.
I'm fairly certain gypsies live here:

After that Mike bought a new wallet, which is really only interesting because he let me take a picture of him retiring "Old Faithful." It was time, right?:
Next on the agenda was getting passport photos taken for the honeymoon. I'm not going to bother posting the pictures, but believe me when I say that Mike looks like he's 15 and I look like a bona-fide serial killer. Also, I have a very defined WRINKLE in my forehead. Perhaps it's from all the burrowing of my brow I have been doing over mortgage papers lately?

Later in the day I went to church and Mike started dinner (noticing a pattern here? Devon does not cook.) Following the theme breakfast started, we had mexican casserole, which I have affectionately deemed "Mexislop." Seriously, if you love Mexican food, let Mr. P cook you "the slop." Your life will never be the same.

To top the night off, he bought me a scratch off lottery ticket (Mama loves to gamble) that was HALLOWEEN THEMED. I matched my "scary numbers" and won $5!

Can't wait to see what Sunday brings...


  1. I love your weekend entry, can't wait to see how M.C. responds. I do have one question.. Mike mentions sipping gin and tonics on your pourch--- I see only 1 chair--Humm?

  2. I didn't know my people lived right around the corner from you!

  3. Well 'G.C.' I guess someone better get to work on making us a matching chair.

    And Lauren, I'm fairly certain you were the only person who was going to laugh at that. Glad it worked :)

  4. i bet the gypsies will have awesome halloween decorations...i expect an update.

  5. I hear BGAL makes some sweet adirondacks.

  6. My sister is a notorious dupe.


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