Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet the Maids

Inquiring minds are wondering who would agree to escort me on the most important day of my life.

No, not Mike. He's "locked in" now, as he so lovingly refers to it.

Can't wait until April to see what lovely ladies will be walking down the aisle in navy before this gorgeous gal in white?

Let's introduce the group, shall we?

Meet Michelle, whom I was 'married' to on Facebook for a good year. I call her my Wifey. Michelle honey, we need to talk. I want a divorce. I've met someone else, and it's pretty serious.

Next up is Erinn, my sister-in-law. Somehow my brother convinced her to marry him, and our lives couldn't be better since then. Just keep your opinions about the Mountaineers to yourself cause girl will cut you.

This luscious lady is Libbie, recently married to the best man, Weston. You can call her Zabeth. We do. She's small but she's feisty, just the way we like her.

Does this mug look familiar? Lauren is Mike's sister, and soon to be my sister-in-law! I'll admit that getting to know Lauren was scary; sisters are so tricky! But one night on vacation with Mike's family I knew she was different.

A while back, we were at a dive bar at the beach, surrounded by drunk college boys. I leaned over and jokingly dared Lauren to slow dance with one of them. She laughed it off and ordered another drink, as I embarrassingly sat back down. A few minutes later we were making fun of someone's outfit and I said something to the effect of:

"I wonder what that guy was thinking when he put that on today."

And Lauren shot back:

"I don't know. I'll make sure to ask him when I'm slow dancing with him in a little bit."

Hilarious. I really struck gold with this family, didn't I?

And finally, the Maid of Honor, Val.

What to say about Val. We met in 10th grade in keyboarding class, when someone misspelled my name and plastered it all over the walls of the school for everyone to see. Great story, I know. I've always said she's my soulmate, and me getting married is not going to change that. Seriously, look at how happy we look in our hats. That's real love.

And there you have it. The most important girls in my life. They better be ready to bow down before Bridezilla.

I'm kidding. Right?


  1. Was it NOT real love when we met in 8TH GRADE GYM CLASS??

    Get your story straight, Casazza.

  2. Aw, Devon, you're sweet. It's true, though. I'll cut you.

  3. And I have to add you are correct in saying sisters are scary. I met you when you were 16. You were sitting on your kitchen counter staring down the staircase at me. 16-year-old little sisters are the scariest. Lauren has nothing on you. You freaked me out. Still do, actually.

  4. we could have slowed danced to that song that was on my wedding video... what was it called? Sk8er Boi?

  5. And they could karaoke to it at the same time. True magic.


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