Monday, August 31, 2009

Is this..."The One?"

No, I'm not talking about Mike (although I am questioning my decision after reading that last post.)

The rumors are true; we just put a contract down on our first house:

It's crazy. We're crazy. But hey, that's how we roll.

In our defense, we had looked at well over 40 houses online before venturing out into the world of real estate. Armed with a feisty agent and wide eyed ambition, we looked at 4 houses on Thursday night. This was the first house we looked at, and we knew it was right. Every other house was too big, too cramped, too secluded: we were the virtual Goldilocks of house hunting.

Nothing compared to our house. We asked to go back and look at it again with fresh eyes; we still loved it. How could you not love this?

We talked and drove by the house and talked and stressed about mortgages and talked some more. It still felt like our house. We waited until Sunday and made an offer. The realtor gave them until 9:00 that night to act on our offer (I told you she was feisty.) After some annoying/pointless bargaining, they accepted our offer!

(Can you see our future puppy running around this yard?)
One catch: we need to close by September 30.
Yes. One month.
Stay tuned. It's about to get interesting.


  1. Devon.....I love it! It is so cute! I hope everything works out for you...see this is why we all decided to blog:)

  2. Haha thanks! I hope it all works out too...

    Now you have to blog and let us all know about your new job :)

  3. I can see Lilo terrorizing your future puppy in that big fenced yard.

  4. I just realzed you get to decorate for Halloween if you close Sept. 30. Expect a package in the mail!

  5. Lilo will get lost under all those trees.

    Also, I don't think we will be in the house all the way by Halloween. We're going to take our time moving in since we have the apartment until mid-November. I'm sure we'll be in it by then, but I'm not sure if I'll be decorating just yet.

    Who am I kidding. Of course I'm going to be decorating for Halloween!

  6. so excited - LOVE the house!

  7. Great find for you both! It's been years since you bought the house. I've seen the redecoration process in your other posts and they came altogether nicely. Did you consider the exterior lighting for your home? Because I think your big front yard would look extra beautiful if a nice set of lights will be present. By the way, how's the stay so far? Are you planning to live in this house for good?

    Allison Shallenberger


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