Friday, August 28, 2009

In the Kitchen with Devon...Enter If You Dare!

There are few things in my life that bring me more joy than Halloween. I can't explain it, but as soon as stores start filling their shelves with cheap plastic pumpkins and aisles of candy, my cold little heart skips a beat. There's nothing more entertaining than watching kids make the important decision of which costume they'll choose this year: Will it be Batman, or is Superman the better superhero? Year after year it's the same story: I excitedly bring home way too much Halloween gear, none of which we need, as Mike shakes his head and waits for Thanksgiving.

Alas, my years of trick-or-treating are long gone (although that doesn't prevent me from dressing up every year...) but my love for all things wicked lives on. Now that we're buying a house and we'll be hosting many Halloween parties in the years to come, I've been keeping an evil eye on some recipes that make me feel like a kid all over again:

These "witch fingers" are hilarious. Made solely out of cream cheese and butter, they not only look disgusting, but I'm pretty sure they taste that way too. Love that painted almond for the fingernail though...
If I ate meat, I would be all over these "spooky meatballs." You can't tell me you wouldn't start laughing if you looked down, only to see your meal staring back at you.

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I love it. And so easy too! Perfect combination.

All of these recipes can be found at:

Happy Haunting!


  1. I was actually eating spaghetti and meatballs while reading this (seriously) and laughed out loud. I wanted eyeballs on mine.

    These are fun. Thanks for sharing. I opened up Pottery Barn's catalog the other day and got excited to decorate our front porch for the holiday. Woo!

    So what are you going to be this year?

  2. I was thinking Alice in Wonderland, and Mike could be the Mad Hatter! Haha.


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